New Composting Site Drop in Round Hill

It has become easier and more convenient for backcountry and Round Hill residents to be part of the town wide food scrap recycling program.  On Wednesday from 10:00 AM to 12:00 Noon, people can use a composting drop-site with volunteers at the rear of the Round Hill Community House.
The program is administered by the Greenwich Recycling Advisory Board with the cooperation of Greenwich Green and Clean.  This Round Hill Drop-Site is only the second remote location in Greenwich beside one in Old Greenwich outside the Holly Hill Recycling Center.
Acceptable items are all food scraps, coffee grounds, tea bags, paper towels/napkins with food soils, cut flowers, and BPI compostable bags.  Do not include any plastic (bags, packaging, or wrappings), pet waste, or any kind of cleaning or hand wipes.
Here’s how to participate.  Starter Kits are available from volunteers at the Round Hill Drop-Site for $20 during Wednesday collection hours and consist of a 2-gallon countertop bin with collectible bags and a larger 6-gallon storage/transferable green bin.  During the week, collect several weekly scraps in the small bin, then when full transfer the contents to the larger green storage bin, and use it to bring to the Site for disposal.  Although these bins are not required to participate, it is recommended to use comparable containers with closable lids that can be stored in the garage, not outside where animals will be attracted and get into the contents.
If you have any questions about the program or would like to be a volunteer at the site, contact Mary Hull at (203) 550-5422.  For new residents to the area who do not know Mary, she is a long-time backcountry resident and recycling veteran who has been an integral leader of the Greenwich Green and Clean program.  Mary is the current Executive Director of

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