About Us

The Round Hill Association exists to foster a sense of community, to provide opportunities for contact with neighbors, to maintain and enhance the natural beauty of our area, and to advocate for our interests in the town of Greenwich, CT.

In 2020, the Round Hill Association successfully blocked a developer’s controversial plan to develop a historic backcountry estate to make way for 28 condominiums. The Round Hill Association is an outspoken supporter of the need for a full time fire station in the backcountry. We have taken on the care and planting of several traffic islands to help beautify our community, including one with a historic marker in our local Historic District. RHA also provided funding for a recharging center at the Round Hill Community House, which is open midday in the event of extended power outages.

Throughout the year, RHA holds Neighborhood Forums with local speakers on topics that have ranged from recycling, well water safety and burglary prevention to reports and updates on the Town’s Emergency System. RHA also hosts social and children’s events to foster a sense of community and bring our neighbors together. These events have included a Halloween party and a Turkey Trot at the Round Hill Community House, as well as cocktail parties.  Each year, we coordinate candidate political forums and hold an Annual Meeting each spring.


The Round Hill Association was founded in 1942 to “preserve and enhance the quality of life in our vicinity and in the town as a whole.” A neighborhood group and a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, the RHA encompasses some 1,100 households in an area bounded on the west by Riversville Road, on the east by Lake Avenue, on the north by the NY state border, and on the south by Winding Lane and Pecksland Road.

Named for a round hill that stands 550 feet above sea level and approximately three miles north of downtown Greenwich, our community is host to descendants of original settlers and newcomers, young families and elders. People from all walks of life treasure the quiet, natural beauty of land that once was farmland and forest and is delineated by stone walls and a wealth of trees lining winding roads.

Board of Directors


Patty Aser


John Conte


Nancy A. Duffy


Brendon DeSimone


Janet MacKenzie


Katie Hynes



Jim Hoffman

Patricia Lovejoy

Courtney Spada

Barbara Vogt

Carolyn Anderson

Rob Reiner

Mark Pruner

Jane Sprung

Hunter Ryan

Ines Kingsley

Leigh Retzler

Jeffrey Vasey

Tim Werbe

Honorary Directors

Keith Felcyn

Leslie Lee

Louisa Stone

Robert Wylie