Two Important Backcountry Issues: Greenwich Planning & Zoning 8/4/2020

Backcountry residents and Round Hill Association members are encouraged to attend the Greenwich  Planning & Zoning meeting this week, online via Zoom.  Two important items are on the docket of interest to the Round Hill  community.  This meeting is open to the public.  All are encouraged to attend. See below for the link to the meeting and instructions.

124 Old Mill Road:

There will be a pre-application review discussion about establishing a potential foundation aimed at preserving the land and promoting human health and well-being on the 75-acre parcel at 124 Old Mill. The new owner will present her plans. Previously listed for sale and marketed as the former Mel Gibson Estate, the Round Hill Association raised funds and blocked the development of 28 condos on 17 acres of this important property.

Aquarion Land at 836 Lake Avenue:

There will be discussion about the application to divide the Aquarion Water Company land at 836 Lake Avenue to create two 4-acre residential lots, 18 acres that Aquarion will retain for continued use, and finally, Converse Brook Preserve, an incredible 72+ acres that will be left as open space, protected forever. The Town of Greenwich, in conjunction with the Greenwich Land Trust, have teamed up to purchase this land. The Round Hill Association has donated to the Land Trust to assist in protecting this gem of a parcel.

Instructions and Information for the Planning & Zoning Meeting:

Planning & Zoning

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

5:00 PM on Zoom

Please use the link below to view, listen, and/or participate in this meeting:

Password: 0518864

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