First Annual Round Hill Association Photo Share

We are excited for the debut of our first annual Round Hill Association (RHA) Community Photo Share using Instagram! This neighborhood activity will allow neighbors and members to document, with photos and videos, some of the best parts about living in Backcountry Greenwich.

We encourage members of the Greenwich community to take their favorite photos or videos from Backcountry or Mid-Country and share them on Instagram, tagging us @RoundHillAssociation and using the hashtag #CountryLifeInGreenwich. Have some incredible photos or videos from the recent past?  We encourage you to post them, too.  We ask that all photos or videos be taken within the perimeter of Greenwich Backcountry and Mid-Country, loosely defined.

Please follow us @roundhillassociation on Instagram and we will follow you back!

The Community Photo Share will begin on Tuesday, September 8 and all submissions must be posted by Friday, September 25. The top photos will be posted on the RHA website. Need ideas for great photo opportunities?  See some ideas below.

Flora: If you’ve dabbled with plants and flowers, by now you’ve been rewarded with gorgeous blooms and perhaps some edibles. Insects and critters alike prize the perfect rose and ripe tomato.
Grab an image of them before they are carted away or half-eaten by some multi-legged creature.

Fauna: Watching ants clog your hummingbird feeder can make you feel oppositional or philosophical.
We captured armies of ants climbing poles to get to sugar water.

Sculpture/Architecture: We have some incredible old barns, sheds and out building, not to mention special architecture.

Storm Damage: The hurricane which whacked us a few weeks ago left twisted and hollowed trunks for owls’ nests.  Who or what else might find refuge there?

Teenagers: Encourage your children and grandchildren, out and about with their smart phones to snap a cool photo or two and post themselves or pass on to you to post.

Country Life:  Now is the time to capture the perfect photo or video of the fox scurrying down the drive, or the chipmunk in the act of hauling off peaches from your tree and leaving pits on your deck. Your photos or videos can showcase your best hydrangeas and hibiscus, or the corn you managed to raise in spite of the raccoons.

Is there a barn with an American Flag you love to walk by? Did you glimpse a bobcat or a flock of wild turkeys? Did you capture the worst or the best of Isaias? Did you put up wonderful holiday decorations you’d like to showcase? Have your children taken up photography during the pandemic and would like to see their photos enjoyed by others?  Any and all topics are welcome!

Have fun photographing our beautiful part of Greenwich.  We can’t wait to see your photos!

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