Spotlight on Stateline Fitness in Banksville

Hey backcountry neighbor, are you satisfied with your general level of fitness?  Would you like to improve your strength and agility? 

You’re in luck! Right here in the backcountry, we have a gem of a gym just waiting to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Meet Craig DeCollibus, owner of Stateline Fitness in Banksville. A lifelong dream led Craig to start Stateline Fitness in 2019.  If you are considering where or how to start or restart your fitness journey, you will want to read this recent interview with Craig, a local business owner.

Craig is a professional fitness coach and Crossfit competitor/winner.

A father of two, Craig holds an MBA degree in Finance. He owns and runs this state-of-the-art fitness center in our very own neighborhood.

1. What inspired you to start this gym?

An unrealized lifelong dream! It’s funny looking back, but when I was in high school I took two career aptitude tests. One test said I should pursue a career in physical therapy; the other said I should pursue a career in health and wellness. So, what did I choose? Finance! Yup, I have a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in finance. I was in the corporate finance world for a decade before I realized the best way I could TRULY help people and make them happy was opening my own gym.

2. What sets your gym apart from others in the area?

Stateline Fitness isn’t a franchise gym. We don’t charge $10/month and try to get as many people through the doors as possible. Stateline Fitness is a gym focused on YOU. Every class is led by a professional, educated coach who knows what each and every person needs. Every personal training session is 1-on-1 with an eye on the individual for sixty minutes. We’ve created a community that cares about each other. Through mutual hard work inside and outside of the gym, every single member of our gym is truly looking to change their lives for the better.

5. What types of fitness programs or classes do you offer, and how do you tailor them to meet the needs of different individuals?

Our group fitness classes aim to fill the gaps that everyone has in their exercise regime. What does that mean? It means classes are structured to improve your strength and conditioning (cardiovascular health). This is also known as General Physical Preparedness. When you are outside the gym in your everyday life, we want you to be confident if you need to lift something heavy, run or sprint, move in a way you don’t normally move, play a sport, and the list goes on!  Personal training 1-on-1 is also available.  One Round Hill Association member has been doing personal training at Stateline Fitness for over 8 years!

6. How do you stay updated on the latest fitness trends and research to enhance your gym’s offerings?

Our coaches are constantly continuing their education through various accredited fitness programs, whether in person or online. The fitness industry changes rapidly so we need to as well!

7. What do you consider the biggest challenges facing the fitness industry today, and how do you address them?

 The biggest challenge facing the fitness industry today is understanding what to believe and/or who to believe! With so many different fitness programs, methodologies, and online influencers, it can be EXTREMELY overwhelming knowing what’s right and what’s wrong. While, personally, I stress that doing anything is always better than doing nothing, my best advice is to do your own research before starting any fitness program. There is no ‘one size fits all’ program so what works for you may not work for your neighbor and vice versa. The same goes for nutrition, especially. Whatever you choose to start, make sure to give it a couple of months before concluding whether it’s right or not. Fitness is hard to achieve and results are earned through hard work!

8. How do you foster motivation among your members?

Motivation is cultivated through our gym’s community. Most days you will see the same people in class, especially if you take the same class time throughout the week. These same people become your friends and accountability partners! You are all going through it together so the motivation is there naturally! On a more subjective note, our gym uses an app where you can keep track of your workouts and therefore your progress. This helps our members look back to see how far they have come since day 1!

9. Can you share any success stories from members who have achieved their fitness goals here?

 Success comes in many forms in our gym. Physically, it can be as small as getting your first pushup to as large as running your first 5k/half or full marathon. Emotionally, it can be having the confidence to wear something you haven’t been able to wear in years or to be comfortable being around crowds. Physical fitness leads to many unexpected changes in your life because you are becoming healthy and happy again!

10. What are your future plans or goals for the gym, and how do you envision it evolving in the coming years?

Our future plans are to continue helping everyone who walks through our doors. Wherever that takes us and whatever we evolve into is yet to be seen! One thing we know for sure is our passion for what we do will not change!

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