Bailiwick Club in Greenwich Seeks New Members

After 50 years the Bailiwick Swim and Tennis Club is pushing forward for the next 50 years.  The Club recently installed lights on their paddle tennis courts and will soon do a major renovation of the pool and dining facilities.  

The Bailiwick Club was founded in 1972 to be the first unrestricted club in Greenwich that would remain reasonably priced. Everyone is welcome to apply no matter race, religion, sexual orientation or marital status. For the last 50 years, the members’ children have learned tennis and swimming at the club. Some have gone on to play at college and to the Olympic Swimming trials. For many they would not have had the opportunity without Bailiwick. Now those kids’ families have returned to the club introducing a 3rd generation of members to learn to love and excel in sports while creating close friendships.

In January the club inaugurated lights on the paddle court, allowing members to play into the night. The club can now host for paddle tennis team tournaments, a hope for the club for decades now possible thanks to new lighting which directs the light on the courts and away from the neighbors.

Planning and Zoning just passed a renovation of the pool and dining for the next steps in the club renovation.  In the next couple of years, the pool will become state of the art, designed by one of the premier pool builders and architects in Connecticut, Bailiwick will offer diving, a swim team, and a future Water Polo team option. The club will also be able to host FCSL divisions in the yet-to-be-named pool. There will also be a new dining area for membership that can be used throughout the year to host outdoor events. 

All of this has been carefully managed by the financial committee to minimize the impact to the membership as part of its philosophy to be affordable, that is allowing the club to move forward while continuing to be an open, affordable and diverse community for its members. 

There are spots available for the 2024 season where we are excited to have our exceptional Tennis Pros and Swim Coaches Gary Fishkind and Steve Miller. Please email

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