Night Out Party at Foundation House

On Friday evening, May 19, 2023, at 6:00 PM, as the wind died down and the sun lowered to a beautiful cross light, the cars began entering the gates to the estate and grounds of Foundation House on Old Mill Road for the Night Out Party put on by the Round Hill Association (RHA).  The neighborhood cocktail party brought together both old and new residents of the area who purchased tickets for the social evening and community gathering at a spectacular setting made available for the event. 

At the fountain pool by the oval driveway, valets greeted the 180 partygoers before entering the grand entrance and the large 2-story high living room which opened to a large outdoor patio area with views of the well-groomed grounds, flower beds, and pool.  Each guest had a name tag including the street on which they lived in the area. Two bars were set up outside and waiters served wine and hors d’oeuvres provided by Happiness Is Backcountry Market in nearby Banksville. Live music was provided by The Four 26, a group from northern Westchester County that added an entertaining background of well-known tunes. 

John Conte, President of The Round Hill Association, took a few minutes with a microphone to welcome everyone and acknowledge some of the activities of the RHA which affect the quality of life in the backcountry.  He also thanked Mimi Sternlicht who owns Foundation House for her commitment and dedication to saving the 75-acre property from condominium development in 2020 as well as

updating and creating the broad use of the estate.

Mimi Sternlicht also said a few words about her vision for Foundation House as a center for educational learning and promoting discussions and programs for creative arts, social justice, and the environment, which are done throughout the year at the location.  She also mentioned there are 3 miles of maintained trails around the perimeter of the grounds available to local residents for walking, including bringing their dogs.

The event attracted a wide range of ages including longtime residents of Round Hill as well as those new to the area. Everyone was unanimous in their enjoyment of the evening and the opportunity to greet each other and experience the atmosphere of a lovely May evening.

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