North Greenwich residents, and the entire town, are now better served in response time for emergency services and quality pre-hospital care.  Greenwich Emergency Medical Serves (GEMS) recently opened a permanent station in backcountry replacing a temporary trailer in place for several years after hurricane Sandy hit the town.  It has covered garage space for ambulances and is located at 1327 King Street just north of and abutting The Griffith Harris municipal town golf course.

GEMS is not part of the town government like the fire or police departments.  It is an independent non-profit organization with a contract with the town as the sole provider of emergency 911 ambulance services.  It also is available for sporting events and public gatherings, as wells as educational training for residents, school, and EMT professionals.  Revenue is derived from grants, contributions, and program/patient services.  In 2021 GEMS responded to 5,399 calls in Greenwich (1,300 of which were within the north Greenwich area) with a 97% response time of less than 8 minutes.

This new station #4 joins the existing station #3 on Lower Cross Road in backcountry next to Parkway School and two other locations in Riverside and Greenwich Hospital to handle the volume within the town.

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