Converse Brook Preserve Is Now Open For Hiking In Backcountry

For those that like to get out of the house and hike or walk not far from home and stay off the road, there is now a new option in the neighborhood.  Two years after acquiring 72 acres from The Aquarion Water Company in a private-public partnership with the Town of Greenwich, The Greenwich Land Trust has now opened the trails for the Converse Brook Preserve.  This provides another public access property to enjoy nature and open spaces in the Round Hill and backcountry area.

Just over a year ago, Greenwich Land Trust purchased an additional adjoining eight acres from Aquarion to bring the total preserve to 80 acres which provides safe access off Cherry Valley Road between Old Mill Road and Bayberry Lane.  Currently, there is no roadside signage but the entrance is distinctive with the obvious clearing, one-acre native meadow, and crushed stone entry drive to a parking lot for a dozen cars.  The entrance to the trail is accompanied by a posted structure with a trail map attached.

The preserve is between two ridges with Converse Brook running north to south in the middle with several bridges.  The trails are clearly marked with posts at junctions and on trees to allow for easy navigation.  The trails which are currently covered by fallen leaves hide rocks and roots underneath which require some caution particularly for the modest climbs or descents, but the hikes are of medium difficulty.  There are several loops of various lengths which can range from a half hour to almost an hour for the entire perimeter.

The preserve is open from sunrise to sunset, and signs at the entrance request no pets or dogs to allow for preservation of the plant life.

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