Round Hill Association Opposes Proposed 28 House Cluster Subdivision in Backcountry

Friends, neighbors, and members of the Round Hill Association, we face a challenge ahead the could define the very future of land development in Backcountry Greenwich.
The proposed development, to build 28 new homes at 124 Old Mill Road (the former Mel Gibson estate) as a single, cluster development, is part of an application currently before the Greenwich Wetlands Agency. It may be just the beginning. Recent headlines describe other large tracts of land in the town that may also soon be sold off to developers. Since 2002, it is estimated that over 500 acres of Greenwich’s unprotected open space have been lost forever. This trend has far-reaching consequences for the quality of life in our town.
On May 15, after a presentation from the developer, concerned neighbors met to discuss the proposal for almost two hours. The audience of more than 100, included members of the Round Hill Association, NE Greenwich Association, NW Greenwich Association, RTM members, local State representatives, and several other area groups and stakeholders. The sentiment in the room was unequivocal and unanimous. The Round Hill Association was given a clear mandate to oppose the application as presented.
An important public hearing will take place in front of the Greenwich Wetlands and Watercourses Agency on Monday, August 26th at 7 pm at the Greenwich Town Hall Meeting Room. If you’re unable to attend or want to find out about more ways to get involved in the neighborhood’s opposition to this development, please contact us at on Facebook or Instagram.

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