An Accident Waiting to Happen?

John Wood, who runs the service station next to the Round Hill Store, is bedevilled by the traffic at the intersection at Round Hill and Old Mill Roads. “It’s an accident waiting to happen,” says he. Nearby residents on Porchuck and North Porchuck Roads say the same for their neighborhood. They have the attention of the Round Hill Association board, which sees safety as part of its mission. 


Round Hill Road has a posted 30 mph limit that is easily exceeded by downhill traffic. The Round Hill Store predates automobiles by 100 years and has insufficient parking. Cars from Old Mill Road cross at their peril. 


Traffic on Porchuck and North Porchuck Roads has increased since drivers began using GPS. GPS systems see these roads as shortcuts between major highways, not as the narrow, twisting, hilly ways that they are. Woe be unto a driver who cannot see oncoming traffic or pass at a narrow point. 

Locals familiar with these problems have enlisted our association’s help. Signs and enforcement may be part of the solution. We are in touch with town officials who can study and propose answers.


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