Spotlight on a Backcountry Resident: Tyler Mitchell

Which Greenwich clothier regularly pulls up large and small-mouthed bass, sunnies, and yellow perch when fishing? Tyler Mitchell, one of the owners of Richards in Greenwich, says that his backyard pond supplies an astounding variety of fish.

“Is it catch and release?” we asked. “Always,” he said.

Other hobbies include snowboarding, especially at Yellowstone Club. He and his wife, Stephanie, love to travel and to enjoy good food and great wine. They are especially partial to visiting Capri and the British Virgin Islands. The parents of a seven-year-old and a three-year-old who attend schools in the backcountry, they enjoy watching their four-legged neighbors: the fox and raccoons who visit daily as well as coyotes who appear less often.

Tyler and Stephanie also love to cook, everything from ribs to whole fish they grill. They enjoy making their own peasant bread, cooked in a Dutch oven. Asked about their favorite wines, Tyler said, “Anything Tuscan and all Bordeaux.” The family loves pizza and rates Modern Pizza in New Haven as the best in that town while adding that Grigg St. Pizza is their local choice. Some of the Mitchells’ favorite NY restaurants are Milos, Nobu, and Peter Luger.

Since his business is fashion we asked what three essential items are necessary to be well-dressed, on a limited budget. “A pair of perfectly fitted denims, a well-tailored jacket, and clean casual shoes,” he said. At that point, we sent a note to self: “Wash sneakers.” In answer to, “ Who are the clothes designers whose style you most admire?” Tyler named: Loro Piano, Brunello Cuccinelli, and the American designer, Tom Ford.

In his frequent travels to Italy Mitchell observed that the average Italian is better dressed than the average American; he or she pays more attention to a finished look and doesn’t just throw on anything before going outside. “Fit” is critical, he emphasized.

We wondered what sartorial faux pas bothered him most, in men. “It’s wearing corporate logos, and among women, cowboy boots with dresses; both are like fingernails on a chalkboard.”

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