Foundation House Artist-In-Residency Open Studio Winter 2024

On Saturday 2/3/24 Foundation House on Old Mill Road held an open studio for its winter Artists In Residence participants to share their recent work.  Four times a year, eight creative artists of all disciplines, (including painters writers, illustrators, designers, musicians, film makers, visionary thinkers and doers), are invited to gather for 10 days to work on projects relating to their visions of improving the environment, community, and mental health.  

The program has been a staple of Foundation House for three years and attracts applicants from across the US and foreign countries. Over this time, it has grown in awareness and value in the creative community as this cohort had 250 applicants for the selected spots.  They also had a high level of achievement in their fields with numerous awards and recognitions in their resumes.

For three hours from 10:00 to 1:00, residents of Round Hill and the town were able to view or listen to the artists present their individual projects and engage in conversation about it.  Visitors were also offered some self serve fruits, cookies, and nibble treats, plus tea, coffee, and water as they moved from one venue to another on the ground floor of the manor house where the artists were individually located.

These are a few of artists who participated this winter:

An Emmy nominated, Web Award winning director/producer and founder of Capital K Pictures.

A song writer, composer, and musician with 18 years writing, recording, and performing as pop musician and composing for film and television.

A dancer, choreographer, and educator with stories of universal human conditions and emotions through movement, meditation, and theater.

A visual artist focused on powerful portrait paintings and drawings.

An illustrator and graphic designer who works with activists and grassroots 

organizations for over a decade.

These amazing open studio events are a meaningful artistic offering for the Round Hill community provided by Foundation House owner and neighbor Mimi Sternlicht.  The next one is scheduled for April 21st, so mark it on the calendar. 

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