Maïté and Stephen found their way to Round Hill a little over a year ago but aren’t new to Greenwich. Here’s a chance to meet your neighbors.

We are Maïté Soubeyran and Stephen Coetzee, and as you might be able to tell from our names we are from France and South Africa respectively. We both came to the US to study at UC Berkeley which is where we met. Upon graduation we moved to the East Coast to pursue our careers.

We worked and lived in New York City for two years until Stephen was offered a position at a company based in Westport. After visiting nearby towns which would be convenient for both of us, it quickly became clear that Greenwich was our favorite. We only looked at one apartment and decided on the spot that it would be the one for us. Little did we know that would be our home for the next 4 years. As we moved to adjusting to working from home during and post the pandemic it became clear once more that we needed more space and kicked off our house search, at the same time as everyone else. Early in 2022, we found our future home on Old Mill Road and have been here ever since.

As new homeowners the learning curve was steep at first but presented us with the opportunity to make our new abode our own. We thought to try our hand making some of the changes ourselves, starting with painting the interior of the house. It was important to us to make the house energy efficient and keep it low maintenance, so we installed new windows, insulation and upgraded the heating system. We also updated the garage and the exterior sidings with more to come. 

After spending lockdown in an apartment, we really appreciate the additional space and peacefulness of the neighborhood as well as great places to walk. As we started to venture out more once the renovations had settled down, we discovered many local businesses and venues nearby to explore and enjoy. There is so much more to the area than its proximity to downtown Greenwich and New York City. There are many local restaurants, events, and beautiful historic neighborhoods minutes away. Make sure to keep an open mind, try new things and experiences, and you will not be disappointed. Also make sure to come say hi.

Everyone has been very welcoming and friendly, and we feel fortunate to have ended up in Round Hill. We still enjoy going to the previous cities where we have lived for vacation but are happy to call Greenwich home. 

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