Round Hill Association is concerned about traffic & safety on our roads

On September 6th, Greenwich Planning & Zoning heard an application for a new 248-unit residential development (Greenwich America) on upper King Street in backcountry Greenwich near Armonk. This is the first of three known proposed large developments in the area that could bring hundreds of cars traveling through our area.

Increased traffic and safety on our backcountry roads is a huge priority for the Round Hill Association. With the popularity of traffic navigation apps like Waze and Google Maps, cars are being diverted off the Merritt Parkway, and traditionally main thoroughfares, onto our roads as a cut-through to places like Westchester Airport, the town of Armonk, or NY Interstate 684. We have heard from our neighbors many times about this issue. Our narrow, windy backcountry roads were never meant for this amount or type of traffic.

The RHA has hired a traffic engineering firm to study this problem and has expressed concern to P & Z concerning the increased traffic through our streets, which will only grow if these new residential developments are approved. Through our research with traffic engineers, we believe that new residents in Northwest Greenwich will also use our backcountry roads as a cut-through to get to the Merritt Parkway or downtown Greenwich, as opposed to using King Street.

The RHA encourages residents to make your voices heard. The First Selectman’s Active Transportation Task Force will host a forum on traffic, safety, and safe streets. We will have a strong presence there and we encourage all of our neighbors to attend.  If you would like to get more involved, please let us know. The Forum will take place in the Town Hall Meeting Room on October 2, from 6:00-8:00 pm.

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