Sleepy Cat Farm Tour to be Offered by Greenwich Green and Clean on May 26, 2022

This is a chance to experience an extraordinary 13-acre private property in the Round Hill area which combines beautiful flowers, landscape architecture, and a working organic farm.  Greenwich Green and Clean is organizing the tour at the home of Fred Landsman who bought the house and grounds in 1994 and has spent 25 years creating this masterpiece.  Listed on the Sleepy Cat Farm website is the stated mission to instill public awareness of horticulture, landscape architecture, and the value of plants in our lives.
The grounds unfold in a series of garden rooms, pavilions, pathways, reflecting pools, stone staircases, and statuary with well-maintained plantings of trees, flowerbeds, and shrubberies.  There is a distinct international flavor to the gardens and a mystical quality with names such as The Golden Path, the Grotto, the Pebble Terrace, the Irish Garden, and the Spirit Walk.  The farm also provides fresh produce to local food banks in the community.  The owners have expressed their desire to share the property with others and open it for charitable events and reserved tours for organizations and those interested in gardens and horticulture.
According to Green and Clean, tickets for the tour are available for $125 through or call (203) 53-0006.  Participants will gather at the Round Hill Community Church at 395 Round Hill Road for a short shuttle bus ride to the farm.  The buses will run from 9:45 AM to 3:00 PM, and visitors may stay as long as they want during these hours.  Green and Clean will also have snacks and beverages, and water stations and restrooms will be available at the farm.  Comfortable walking shoes are recommended for the tour in navigating the undulating walkways and paths.  Photos may be taken on the tour and horticultural experts will be available for questions.
The website provides more information including a video view of some of the venues you will see on the tour.

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