From time to time, we at the Round Hill Association would like to share a pleasant thought about life in Backcountry Greenwich. To this end, we will also enlist the assistance of a Junior Contributor who loves living here! For our first post, we would like to ask everyone to take a moment to welcome all the new people in Backcountry! The Round Hill Association has been delivering welcome bags to new residents, so if you moved here in 2020 and don’t see yours in the next couple weeks please let us know!

Pictured below is Junior Contributor Truman Vasey  delivering a Round Hill Association welcome bag to a delightful family who moved to Riversville Road in early 2020. Even the dog came out to say hello! Truman has been in Backcountry with his family since 2013, and he adores his two big dogs and enjoys everything outdoors and athletic (especially ice hockey). He had a great experience at Parkway Elementary and his favorite classes are Science and French at Western Middle School. After delivering five welcome packages recently, we asked Truman what he likes most about living in Backcountry, to which he replied:

  “I love the outdoor activities. It’s also peaceful and quiet, but I still run into friends when I’m out or playing a sport.”

Welcome new neighbors and thanks for your help Truman!

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