Foundation House, the name of the proposed learning center with focus on health and wellness at 124 Old Mill Road, is moving ahead to gain approval by the Planning and Zoning Commission. With workshops, lectures, and events, the center will advance a wide range of interests including historic preservation, nutrition, climate change, art and design, education, social justice, personal growth, land conservation, social entrepreneurship, and community building.
Mimi Sternlicht, a long-time resident of backcountry, recently purchased Old Mill Farm and its 75 acres with the intent of creating Foundation House and making an enriching contribution to the Round Hill community and the town of Greenwich. In a residential zone, the renovation of existing structures and construction of a new event barn must go through a lengthy town approval process with Wetlands, Architectural Review, P & Z, and other assorted agencies. This process started in August with a special permit pre-application presentation and with the P&Z, which met with positive feedback and request for more information.

Since then there has been joint engagement between Foundation House and the Round Hill Association.  Several board members of the RHA have worked with the Foundation House legal team to identify and anticipate questions and concerns that likely are raised and require additional data for support from both the P&Z Commission and the RHA.  In addition, Foundation House has been very hospitable in sharing its emerging plans and showing RHA board members as well as town officials around the grounds and physical property.

In December, Foundation House made a formal presentation to the P&Z Commission which was again well received, and requests were made for more detailed information such as anticipated traffic counts, parking, and number and timing of events.  A few RHA board members participated in supporting these requests and expressed their overall appreciation for the vision of the project.

In January, the design plans, dimensions, and visual drawings of the new event barn were shown to the Architectural Review members, which also met with broad appeal and minor requests on handicap facilities, pickup/drop off space, and a topography map.  Also, in January, a tour of the ground and buildings was given to the head officials and staff of the P&Z, Architectural Review Committee, and The Town Planning Department.

During early February, the full RHA board membership was invited to tour the project and on the 17th, Foundation House returned to the P&Z to present  additional details requested for approval.  At the meeting on the 17th, P & Z, while highly supportive of the project, requested another change, so the application could not be finalized. The Architectural Review Committee gave its final approval to the project in early February.  We’ll keep you posted!

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