Despite sudden wind gusts that blew through the open doors, scattering the decorations and sending balloons to the ceiling, the Round Hill Association’s Halloween Party was a resound-ing success. Deepa Javeri, who organized the party, was on hand early with decorations, which RHA Board Members put up with dispatch. Outdoors a burst of rain kept the bouncy castle and a train ride empty for the first half hour. However, the attractions of face painting, cookie decorating, mask coloring and individual balloon blowing grabbed the attention of the Halloween guests indoors. When a break in the weather allowed, children went out to enjoy the castle and train ride.


Families gathered at long tables eating pizza and donuts, watching the parade of artfully dressed children and adults. A professional photographer and many parents with their own cameras took advantage of the marvelous sights to snap pictures. Neighbors reconnected, meeting the children and grandchildren of the area residents.


Halloween gives everyone a chance to try on a different persona. Have you thought of how you might dress and present yourself next year?

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