The 9+ Other Lives of the Round Hill Community House

For newcomers or residents unfamiliar with the Community House, it was built in 1926 and has long been a center of energy and activity in Greenwich for young and old, artists and athletes. It also regularly provides a warm, sentimental gathering place for area friends and families celebrating special occasions, including wedding and anniversary receptions, Bar and Bat mitzvahs, dinner and birthday parties. Part of the campus of the Round Hill Community Church, the Community House hosts popular community-wide events such as the Annual Harvest Supper, Christmas Fair and a recent Family Game Night, and opens its doors to interested organizations serving the community, including Nonprofits: Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts meetings on weeknights during the school year. Transportation Association of Greenwich (TAG) shuttle service for elderly and disabled residents annual silent auction and fundraiser. Domus (youth intervention and area homeless shelters) annual holiday gathering. Family Center (family support services) annual meeting and holiday gathering. Round Hill Association meetings and special events, including the League of Women Voter’s candidate debates and the Halloween Party. 

Dance Classes during the school year: Barclay’s Children’s Dance (10 Friday evenings per year, for over 30 years!) Ballroom Magic (2 Saturday evenings per month, for over 12 years!) 

Sports during the school year: Jack Rabbits Gymnastics (Ages 12 months to nine years, 3 days a week) Nicolae’s Fun Soccer Club (Ages 3 to 11 years, every Saturday morning) 

Summer Camps (including one for children with juvenile diabetes, two for musical theater) 

Berenson Dog Training (periodically on Wednesday evenings, for over 30 years!) 

Various Estate Auctions 

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