Nursery Schools

Round Hill Nursery School 203-869-4910
Banksville Nursery Schoool 203-661-9715 Banksville Nursery School (facebook page)

Independent Schools*

Brunswick School 203-625-5800
Convent of the Sacred Heart 203-531-6500
Greenwich Academy 203-625-8900
Greenwich Catholic School 203-869-4000
Greenwich Country Day School 203-863-5600
Whitby School 203-869-8464

*These schools are not all within the boundaries of the Round Hill area but families from the RHA community often send their children to them.

Greenwich Public Schools**

Glenville School (Elementary/Primary) 203-531-9287 Website
North Street School (Elementary/Primary) 203-869-6756 Website
Parkway School (Elementary/Primary) 203-869-7466 Website
Central Middle School 203-661-8500 Website
Western Middle School 203-531-5700 Website
Greenwich High School 203-625-8000 Website

**Website for all Greenwich Public Schools is

Neighborhood Organizations

The Greenwich Riding and Trails Association 203-661-3062
Audubon Center of Greenwich 203-869-5272 Website
Brant Foundation Art Study Center 203-869-0611 Website
Greenwich Land Trust 203-629-2151
Round Hill Community House 203-869-1091 Website
(recharging center open during power outages 11am-4pm)
Greenwich Green & Clean 203-531-0006 Website
Seven Bridges 203-625-0396 Website
Pegasus Therapeutic Riding 203-625-8000
(at Kelsey Farm: 1016 Lake Ave.) 203-869-5595