The Round Hill Association was founded in 1942

to “preserve and enhance the quality of life in our vicinity and in the town as a whole.” A neighborhood group and a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, the RHA encompasses some 1,100 households in an area bounded on the west by Riversville Road, on the east by Lake Avenue, on the north by the NY state border, and on the south by Winding Lane and Pecksland Road.

Named for a round hill that stands 550 feet above sea level and approximately three miles north of downtown Greenwich, our community is host to descendants of original settlers and newcomers, young families and elders. People from all walks of life treasure the quiet, natural beauty of land that once was farmland and forest and is delineated by stone walls and a wealth of trees lining winding roads.

first church of round hill

First Church of Round Hill

Historic building at the corner of Round Hill Rd. and John St.

Click to view the official Registration Document of the First Church of Round Hill as an Historic Location

round hill community house

Round Hill Community House

Community Center where most RHA activities are held

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